Why Frame?

Most artworks benefit from being isolated from their surroundings, framing a picture will produce this effect and display the item as a separate entity. The frame will also provide protection against damage caused by dust, insects and fluctuations in temperature and humidity. All these factors can cause permanent damage to the original artwork, which in many cases is irreversible. For items of financial and sentimental value, the use of conservation and museum mountboard can provide additional protection, whilst specialist UV glass will minimise the damage caused by daylight and fluorescent lighting.

At Splatt Art we set a very high standard with regards the finished frame. We use only the highest quality materials for each category of standard, conservation and museum framing. From posters to valuable artwork, the materials we use for a particular frame will depend on the type and value of the item in question and the budget available. A customer with a poster will, in most cases, wish to keep the expense to a minimum, whereas, a customer with a limited edition print or original artwork should consider having the item framed to conservation standard to protect their investment. Museum standard is used for framing items of high value and historical importance, which need to be preserved for future generations.

The majority of our work utilises conservation quality materials and techniques. In this area of framing, all the processes are fully reversible unless the customer specifically requests otherwise.

We can advise you on the standard you should consider for your item whether a poster, photograph, tapestry, watercolour or football shirt!

All our frames are finished to a high standard, with sealed backs, brass hangers and cord, or chain where required.

If you gave the same picture to six different framers, they would more than likely choose six different ways to frame it! We can offer our experience to aid you in choosing a frame but ultimately it is destined for your wall not ours. Our aim is for you to be extremely happy with the finished result, and for us to be content with our advisory role in the technical side to framing.

When choosing a moulding it is important that it is suitable for the item being framed. There are a number of elements that make up the 'sandwich' which sits in the moulding rebate. The trend towards the use of double and triple mounts, slip mounts and papered bevels add to the thickness of the sandwich and mean some mouldings are unsuitable.

Very large pictures may look great in a thin moulding, but problems can occur with attaching hangers substantial enough to take the weight of the finished frame. Tapestries and other types of needlepoint ideally require a moulding, which will allow all the elements to fit safely into the rebate, few mouldings have a deep enough rebate and so a box frame is used to provide the extra depth. If the depth is insufficient, the back of the frame will bulge, putting the backing board and frame under undue stress.

Football shirts, 3-D objects and 'floating pictures' also require a deep rebated moulding or box frame.

Football Shirt in box mount
Shadow frame
Needlework Fire Screen
Football Shirt
Shadow Frame
Needlework Fire Screen