Finished mouldings

These are supplied ready to cut to the required size. We aim to carry a range to suit most needs, but if you browse through one of our catalogues and see one you prefer, we can arrange for a sample for your approval.

Black moulding
Gilt moulding
Dark wood with gilt
dark wood moulding
Dark Wood - with Gilt
Dark Wood

Plain Woods

These include ash, oak, beech, cherry, pine etc. These 'raw' mouldings can be simply sanded, sealed and waxed or alternatively, stained to a colour of your choice. Other finishes can be applied, for example, liming wax and we hope to offer 'crackle' finishes in the near future. We can supply 'raw' frames to your dimensions, for you to finish with one of the many products available at the DIY shops.

Natural moulding
Natural moulding


These mouldings are 'cut-to-size' by our supplier and are available in a range of profiles and colours. Our main use of these mouldings has been in the framing of photographic prints for offices, they give a crisp, clean finish.

Aluminium moulding
Aluminium frame
Aluminium moulding